What Are The Causes Of  Varicose Veins and Spider Veins?

Weak valves and vein wall

Chronic venous insufficiency is a concerning and long-term condition, characterized by weakened vein walls that cause unable the veins to be emptied of blood.

This creates an uncomfortable pooling effect in your legs especially when standing upright – but it thankfully can often be managed with specific interventions related to malfunctioning valves in the affected veins.

As time passes, vein valves can become weakened or damaged due to aging and heredity – even everyday habits like sitting for long periods of time or leading a sedentary lifestyle.
This impairs proper blood flow throughout the body as it becomes increasingly difficult for veins to pump efficiently.
Additionally, when excess weight is placed on them from being overweight, this too has an adverse effect on venous valve functionality; something that is often compounded by developing dangerous blood clots in these areas.

Our leg muscles are powerful pumps that help recirculate blood back to the heart – earning them their nickname “second hearts”.

When we move, our calf muscles contract and open valves allowing up 70% of blood in our legs to flow towards the heart.

Then when they relax again, these same veins close off thanks to functioning valves keeping everything running smoothly!

Unfortunately for those with varicose veins, though, weakened valve function means some of this pushed-upwards pressure is lost during relaxation, so more care needs to be taken.


There is mounting evidence suggesting a genetic link to the development of venous insufficiency. Studies on families with affected patients have shown an association with chronic venous disease, along with a connection between this disorder and the FOXC2 gene.

Varicose veins may be a common condition, but that doesn’t mean you should take it for granted!

Hereditary components play an important role in the development of varicose veins – if someone close to you suffers from this problem there’s a greater chance that you might too.

Don’t forget though: other factors can influence your susceptibility as well!

In an intriguing study, the risk for children of developing varicose veins was heavily influenced by parental health.

Those with two parents who had them were nearly guaranteed to inherit the condition themselves, at a rate of 90%, while those with only one parent facing it could still be partially affected – 62% in females and 25% in males.


For those suffering from varicose veins, gender matters.

Studies show that women are twice as likely to develop these unsightly bulging veins than their male counterparts.

Though both genders can suffer from this condition, it is an issue more common for one side of the population than the other.

Hormonal changes are a major factor behind why women have an increased risk of developing varicose veins.

Particularly during pregnancy, when the body nurtures a new life and more blood circulates throughout it – this can place immense pressure on veins that could already be weakened by deteriorating hormones such as oestrogen or progesterone.

Therefore, maintaining balanced hormone levels in your system is essential for healthy vein health!

Pregnancy can be a beautiful time, but for some women, it brings the unwelcome addition of varicose veins.

These swollen and bulging veins occur when extra pressure is exerted on the large vein responsible for transporting blood from feet to heart.

Not only do they look unpleasant, in severe cases they may even cause itchiness or discomforting pain!


Working life can be tough on your veins – from doctors to flight attendants, many jobs rely heavily on prolonged periods of sitting or standing.

Occupations like :

  • Healthcare workers
  • food service staff
  • teachers
  • Office employees


are at higher risk for developing varicose veins as a result of their daily activities.

Other professions might not spring to mind when you think about the condition; tradies and hairdressers should also remain vigilant against its unwelcome effects!

CVI can make daily life difficult but there are ways to find relief.

Making lifestyle adjustments, such as exercise and dietary changes, or treatment from a vein doctor may help improve blood circulation in the legs so you can still be active at work.

Living with chronic venous insufficiency can be painful and even lead to serious complications, but it doesn’t have to.
Around a quarter of the population is affected by this condition – however, they don’t need to suffer!

By making simple lifestyle adjustments, such as:

  • exercising regularly
  • reducing salt intake, staying hydrated
  • using compression stockings


relief is possible; allowing many sufferers to reach optimal health once again.


As we age, the chances of developing varicose veins increase – so it’s important for adults to be aware of this risk.

Youthful vigour won’t protect us from these vein issues. However, staying informed and knowing your body can help reduce their effects!

As we age, it’s not just wrinkles that can appear – the veins in our bodies show signs of wear and tear.

This is due to weakened valves, which no longer provide a barrier for blood flow.

This allows some of it to go against its original course and leak back into the vein.


Being overweight can put extra pressure on your veins, making it difficult for blood to flow back up towards the heart.

Over time this added strain leads to weakened valves which trigger varicose vein formation and other circulation issues.

Varicose veins can be more than just a cosmetic concern. If left untreated, they weaken the walls of your blood vessels and put you at an elevated risk for developing dangerous clots in your arteries or veins.

Taking measures to prevent varicose veins is a smart way to protect yourself from this life-threatening medical issue.

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