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How Fast Are You Aging?

While your chronological age is a simple count of the years you’ve lived since your birth, your ‘Biological Age’ paints a much more vivid picture. This scientifically designed measure represents the actual age of your body based on physiological markers, essentially forecasting your longevity and wellness. With a well-maintained lifestyle, your biological age can belie your chronological age, making you functionally younger! Eating wisely, incorporating regular exercise, abstaining from smoking, moderating alcohol, and managing stress are your personal toolkit for slowing down the hands of the biological clock.

Our pioneering Epigenetic test, grounded in robust scientific evidence, offers you a transparent, laser-sharp insight into your current health status. With a simple blood draw, we precisely analyze your DNA to assess your biological age and the impact of your lifestyle choices on your health. This groundbreaking assessment captures a real-time snapshot of your health, evaluates your biological age, and quantifies the influence of four vital lifestyle factors on your well-being: tobacco and alcohol consumption, diet, and physical activity. Your results are translated into a comprehensive report, unraveling whether you are biologically younger or older and how you measure up against the four pillars of your lifestyle.

Comparably, our genes are identical when we are young, old, healthy, or sick. When we grow old or get sick, we witness the response of our body to epigenetic modifications. It has been shown for example, that most chronic diseases such as heart diseases and cancer can be linked to changes in epigenetic markers. Similarly, our environment and our lifestyle impact how our genes are fine-tuned to adapt to positive or adverse environments. For example, epigenetic modifications linked to smoke exposure can be measured to assess how smokers are impacted by their habit and also how they recover after smoking cessation.


“When triggering the right levers, biological age can be reduced, and impaired epigenetics can be reversed.”

gaining years by understanding your biological age

Our doctor will interpret your results and provide you with personalised recommendations to help you improve your health in the long term. You’ll be amazed at how tiny tweaks can trigger profound transformation.

After implementing the suggested changes, you can opt for a retest after a few months to witness the positive influence these changes are rendering to your health – your ticket to a healthier, lengthier, and more joyful life!

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Because of this, epigenetics is receiving a significant amount of attention in the field of preventative medicine. An early evaluation of the links between an individual’s genetics, environment, and prenatal exposure, as well as their illness risk, will be critical in determining whether or not diseases may be prevented or mitigated before they manifest. To a similar extent, understanding the connection between environmental and dietary risk factors and the development of illness in later life is essential in order to make progress towards addressing the variables that matter. Finding out which of an individual’s modifiable behaviours is having the most significant influence on their life is the first step towards making the optimal lifestyle adjustment for leading a healthier life.

“Identifying which modifiable habit is specifically impacting an individual could help trigger the best lifestyle change for a better life”

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A minimally invasive blood-based epigenetic screening is available at Laurel Clinical thanks to a collaboration between the clinic and Genknowme, an innovative life science company specialising in “Personalised Prevention Solutions” founded in 2019 by a team of passionate scientists.

This will allow for the measuring of how lifestyle is shaping biological age.

An epigenetic health assessment is one that analyses the reversible influences of lifestyle on genes.

Thanks to cutting-edge research, the breakthrough epigenetic tests done by the Swiss labs give a unique new reading of DNA. This reading is an epigenetic health assessment.

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