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Out-Of-Town Patients

Dr Gilles Laur, the vein doctor at Laurel Clinical, brings a wealth of experience and compassion to his vein clinic.

He has made it possible for out-of-town patients to receive the treatment they need without having to worry about travelling for it.

Not only does he provide comprehensive pre- and post-surgical care, but he solves ancillary concerns associated with such trips by offering transportation and arranging meals and lodging.

It is truly a remarkable feat that Dr Laur has accomplished – that vein issues can be addressed regardless of where a person calls home.

At Laurel Clinical we work hard to ensure every patient has access to the vein care they need, no matter where they live. Our vein clinic prides itself on the ability to provide comprehensive pre- and post-surgical care for patients coming from out of town.

We aim to make sure everyone experiences excellent care for their vein-related needs.


With vein clinics becoming increasingly popular, it’s no surprise Dr Gilles Laur has taken the necessary steps to ensure a smooth and efficient consultation.

Providing prospective vein patients the opportunity to communicate their concerns directly with a vein doctor via pictures and commentary is not only convenient but also encourages open dialogue between patient and doctor.

Furthermore, working closely with your GP will help better facilitate the vein care process and ensure expectations are met on both sides.

When it comes to vein treatment, Dr Gilles Laur understands that quality care begins as soon as communication starts.


When visiting a vein clinic, it is very important that patients know what to expect before, during, and after their vein procedure.

Our vein doctor will thoroughly discuss the details of the entire process so that all potential risks are considered and minimised.

Most vein procedures require a one- to two-night stay at the vein clinic and this element will be thoroughly discussed prior to surgery in order to ensure patient safety afterwards.

Our vein doctor will go over any post-operative instructions carefully and make sure all questions are answered completely before they leave the vein clinic.

By ensuring that all details related to vein therapy are considered and monitored, one can ensure that their experience at the vein clinic can be as safe and enjoyable as possible.


At our vein clinic, we make it easier than ever to find a vein doctor when you’re planning your trip to Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales.

We understand that travelling can often be stressful and time-consuming, so we are conveniently located just 15 minutes away from the airport.

From luxury hotels to holiday rentals, Gold Coast delivers all of your accommodation needs – ensuring you have enough free time to relax and enjoy one of Australia’s most beautiful regions.

Stay close to us while you get the vein treatment you need – with convenience and ease!

We can help you find the perfect spot for relaxation before or after your vein visit with us. Let us help make your vein experience as convenient as possible!


At our vein clinic, having a support person with you for the first night after surgery is a requirement for all patients.

This gives you an extra hand to ensure your recovery process goes smoothly and quickly.

Dr Gilles Laur, a vein doctor and highly experienced healthcare provider, will be in contact with you once you’re back home to answer any questions and monitor your progress.

With the help of both yourself and your support person, we are certain that you’ll experience excellent outcomes after surgery.

Our vein clinic strives to ensure that all of our patients receive the highest quality care available.

As part of our commitment to providing superior service, we are proud to offer services to both out-of-town and international patients as well as those whose occupations require total privacy.

To make sure that each patient’s identity and security needs are completely met, our vein doctor is available for private consultations and treatments with full privacy away from other patients and staff.

We take great pride in offering these personalised services so that each patient can be fully comfortable during their visit.

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