Meet Dr. Gilles Laur

Dr Gilles Laur

Gilles is a dedicated medical practitioner with a passion for his craft.

His journey started in the Caribbean Islands, as he hails from Martinique before moving to France at the tender age of 7.

Spending his childhood in the south of France close to the border of Spain, Gilles went on to attend medical school at University of Montpellier – one of the oldest and established medical faculties across Europe.

During his tenure, Gilles opened doors for himself through hard work and creativity which included launching a local TV programme on health issues, as well as hosting radio shows to encourage dialogue between teachers and students.

Moreover, he was instrumental in hosting yearly sporting competitions that drew thousands of energetic participants from the French Riviera region.

All in all, Gilles is truly an amazing example who leads by example and exhibits unparalleled dedication towards medicine.

Gaining experience in a field as crucial as healthcare requires dedication and commitment, which is exactly what Gilles showed during his time studying at the University of Reims.

Located in the region known for provisionally ordaining French kings and world-famous Champagne production; Gilles received a well-rounded education at the esteemed university.

As part of his specialisation in General Practice, he held prominent roles in stroke management, infectious disease, vascular medicine and emergency services – along with an offer to join the Board of Hospital – a position which he declined due to his lifelong dream being to move to Australia.

After achieving his Doctorate of Medicine with honours from Reims University, he headed out on an adventure within France in order to challenge himself further; becoming the sole doctor responsible for aged care and a local hospital within a rural community posed one of the greatest challenges yet.

With such outstanding exposure, Gilles was surely well prepared for whatever came next.

After gaining ample experience in skin cancer medicine and surgical management across the east coast of Australia, Gilles felt called to take up an additional set of skills.

He had noticed firsthand how much swollen legs and varicose veins could hurt a patient’s quality of life, so he sought to learn the most advanced techniques in treating these conditions.

With the dedicated guidance of highly esteemed doctors Anne Padburry, Lisa Marks and Paul Hannah, Gilles earned his fellowship with the Australian College of Phlebology after five years of arduous study.

Today, he is one of few Phlebologists (vein doctors) that can offer patients a safe and competent way to treat vein-related disorders.

Dr Gilles Laur is lauded for his commitment to the holistic approach of medicine, looking at each patient’s illness from a combination of clinical, biological, psychological and social perspectives.

His holistic philosophy is encapsulated in his life motto, “be the care you want for yourself and your family”.

However, instead of simply resting on his laurels as an experienced practitioner, Dr. Laur has enrolled in three Masters courses from some of Australia’s most elite institutions – Master of Surgery, Clinical Ultrasound and Vascular Medicine – so he can provide even more enlightened health care for his patients.

His dedication to learning demonstrates that when it comes to patient care, no one is ever too experienced or knowledgeable for Dr. Laur to seek out and absorb new wisdom.

When Dr Gilles Laur is not practising medicine, he delves into his lifelong passions in various art forms.

He has been honing the craft of jazz music, painting and martial arts since he was seven years old.

A skilful boxing and Judo competitor, Dr Laur was recognised for his skill set with teaching positions for France’s military.

Currently living in Gold Coast with his family, Dr Laur finds solace in the ocean air and sunshine when away from medicine.

His artistic pursuits have extended beyond visual arts and movement to philosophical exploration, where he’s searching for understanding on epistemology, knowledge, ethics, and truth.


Q&A with Dr. Laur

Get to know more about Dr. Laur as he answers some of the most common questions patients often ask to know him.

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Dr Gilles Laur

Doctor of Medicine
JCU senior Lecturer

Phlebology ( Vein doctor)

  • 2023 Upper & Lower Limb MSK Ultrasound, Lightbox
  • 2022 Radiation safety officer 
  • 2022 Advanced certificate of Ultrasound, ACP
  • 2021 Fellowship of ACP
  • 2019 Certificate of Ultrasound in Phlebology, ACP
  • 2018 Sclerotherapy Diploma, ACP
  • 2017 Sclerotherapy certificate, ACP

Cosmetic Medicine

  • 2023 Master Chemical Peel workshop
  • 2023 Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine Chemical Peel 
  • 2022 Radiation Safety Officer
  • 2019 Fellow of American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery
  •  2017 Filler Injection training, CPD Institute
  • 2016 Laser Safety Officer, ACCS
  • 2016 Advanced laser & IPL course , ACCS
  • 2015 ACMAS part 1, cosmetic injectables
  • 2010 French Association of Aesthetic Medicine

Skin cancer Medicine

  • 2023  Reconstruction in Skin Cancer Surgery workshop, Dr Jarhad FRCS Dr Mehmet FRCS
  • 2022 Dermoscopy Excellence 
  •  2018 Master Skin Cancer, UQ ( ongoing)
  • 2017 Professional Certificate of Dermoscopy, Healthcert
  •  2017 Advanced Certificate of Dermoscopy, Healthcert
  • 2017 Professional Diploma of Sermoscopy, Healthcert
  • 2017 CTEC Advance Reconstructive Surgery, CTEC
  • 2017 Hugh Greenway Cutaneous Surgery, San Diego
  • 2016 Scalp-Forehead-Temple & Neck Advanced Surgical Workshop, SCCA
  • 2015 Ear and Nose Advanced Surgical Workshop, SCCA
  • 2015 Intense 5-Day Flap and Graft Workshop, ACCO
  • 2015 Face and ear Reconstruction Workshop, ACCO
  • 2015 Dermatopathology program for skin cancers, ACCO
  • 2015 Diploma of Skin cancer Medicine and Surgery, SCCA
  • 2014 Skin cancer Business Management Program, Health Cert
  • 2014 Certificate of Dermoscopy, SCCA
  • 2014 Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery, SCCA

Primary Health Care

  • 2021 Fellowship RACGP
  • 2018 Nitrous Oxide Anaesthesia
  • 2017 ALS 1
  •  2016 CBT training and FPS Skills Training
  • 2015 General Registration
  • 2015 AMC Certificate
  • 2013 PESCI level 4
  •  2010 Doctor of Medicine, Medical University of Reims (France)
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